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From the world’s highest peak (Mount Everest) to the world’s lowest point (Dead Sea), from the world’s highest plateau (Qinghai-Tibet Plateau) to the world's deepest lake (Lake Baikal), from the world's largest desert (Arabian Desert) to the world's largest lake (Caspian Sea), Asia is not just the largest and most populous continent on earth, it is also the cradle of three ancient civilizations and the birthplace of the world's three major religions. 

Asian Youth Leaders Organization (AYLO) is a leading organization based in Asia empowering the youth, influencing the world, and shaping the future. AYLO serves as a bridge for Asian youth to build international friendship, appreciate the beauty of Asian civilizations and develop their leadership potential through our platform and network. We hope to be a significant seed to plant into the hearts of our youth, so that their growth can be a great influence for a better Asia and a better world. 

Our Vision

empowering the youth, influencing the world, shaping the future 

Our Mission

to nurture, inspire, develop and serve

Our Structure

Office of the Secretary

General affairs & correspondence tasks

Office of Administration

Administraive affairs & operations

Office of Technology

Information technology & social media

Office of Global Relations

Global partnership & alumni network

Office of Events & Programs

Events & programs planning & execution

Office of Development

Organization strategy & development 

Office of Human Resources

Team management & recruitment

Office of Community

Community projects & youth care

Office of Finance

Accounting & financial matters

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