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Asian Youth Leaders Organization (AYLO) conducts regular community projects & outreach activities in developing countries. These projects & activities aim to provide our youth leaders with opportunities to make a great impact beyond their immediate communities and home countries. The projects & activities would also help them to have better understanding about the real needs of communities they serve.


AYLO has set up developmental funds to support communities in different aspects. AYLO Education Fund is designed to support needy schools to build infrastructure and purchase educational equipment. AYLO Bursary is to enable needy students to continue their education and complete their academic journey by providing tuition fees, books and stationery expenses. AYLO Scholarship aims to nurture the next generation of Asian youth leaders by providing opportunities for cultural exchange, networking, community engagement and leadership development.

We wish to be a rainbow to help and lighten the load of these communities with these efforts and grow transformational opportunities that would create a ripple effect in the lives of people and empower them to be agents of change. We hope that the fruits of these endeavors would result in better communities and better societies.

Outreach Activities

Community Projects

Youth Care


Image by Su Nyoto
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