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The prestigious AYLO Outstanding Youth Awards are the highest form of appreciation and recognition for our youth leaders. The awards will be given to youth who are an inspiring role model to other youths or a trailblazer and leader in their chosen field. He/she demonstrates sustained contributions to the community or furthered the society’s interests and/or reputation. He/she displays resilience in overcoming challenges or shows determination in the pursuit of aspirations. 

The selection process involves four phases – Nomination, Review and Evaluation, Committee Deliberation, and Announcement. Nominations are received through online application (button below) and evaluated in a thorough assessment by the Secretariat, before being brought in front of the Selection Committee. Once the Committee has made its final decision, award recipients will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Celebrate our youths' achievements by nominating them for different recognition categories.




Science & Technology

Public Health

Liberal Arts

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