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Asian Youth Leaders Organization (AYLO) internship program is now open. Successful candidates will be involved in respective areas with different roles and responsibilities. The internship will be conducted remotely or in person. And allowance will be provided for relevant positions.

Applicants shall: 
Be full-time undergraduate/graduate students.
Be fluent in English speaking and writing.
Be capable of working in a multicultural and international team environment.
Have proficiency in Microsoft Office or other computer software/tools.  
Have good communication skills or organizational skills.


The interns are expected to undertake the following roles and responsibilities:

Events Executive 

  • Support in operating current events (such as conferences, conventions, talks and forums)

  • Support in creating and planning new events

  • Assist in researching and analyzing information, materials and studies for all events

  • Assist in the preparation and implementation of the communication and outreach strategy

Programs Executive

  • Support in conducting current programs (such as exchange programs, study programs and cultural programs)

  • Support in creating and designing new programs

  • Assist in researching and analyzing information, materials and studies for all programs

  • Assist in the creation and dissemination of communication materials and campaigns

Human Resources Executive

  • Assist in hiring, recruiting and training interns and volunteers

  • Assist in measuring the performances of all teammates

  • Assist in maintaining a healthy, positive and professional working environment

Global Relations Executive

  • Assist in fostering global partnerships with institutions, industries, corporates, government agencies and NGOs

  • Assist in developing cooperation and collaboration with all partners meaningfully and effectively 

  • Assist in maintaining smooth communication with all partners


After the internship, qualitied interns will be given certificates and testimonial letters. 

Job Interview
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